Introducing EvacServices’ Brand Promise “Just Easier”

EvacServices recognises the crucial role of building owners, their managers and tenants in ensuring that facilities and workplaces are emergency ready and compliant with AS3745 and all applicable standards, legislation and regulations. Considering the gravity of their responsibilities, building owners, their managers and tenants need an emergency management provider who will give them peace of

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Improving Warden Participation and Updating Lists

Improving warden participation and updating list promote fire safety in your workplace. Regular review and assessment of your workplace’s existing safety measures and procedures involves improving warden participation. Warden is responsible for any significant changes that could compromise safety and take action to apply new measures which will prevent the fire from breaking out. Improving

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Emergency Planning – A Key to Bush Fire Survival

We should learn from the bush fire happening now in a Canadian province where 50 Australian firefighters are deployed to battle rapidly spreading bushfires that have forced 39,000 people to evacuate from their properties.

The Australian Standard for the Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas – AS3959 – 2009 – establishes the requirement for the

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Workplace First Aid Checklist Everyone Must Consider

Emergency planning goes beyond enabling the safe evacuation of employees during a calamity. Ideally, it must also outline how to extend assistance to those who may require workplace first aid treatment. Although employees are not expected to become experts at conducting a rescue, they should at least be able to administer basic first aid when

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Here’s Why Having an Evacuation Procedure is Crucial for You

The rising threats from natural disasters, civil disturbances, and other crises make having an evacuation procedure more important than ever. Because emergencies don’t keep to a schedule and can happen at any given time, every facility must plan for ways to mitigate the damages of an emergency to their infrastructures and people in their care.


Evacuation Services: What to look for in an Emergency Management Provider

What should you look for in an emergency management provider that delivers evacuation services suited to your needs?

Emergency planning is not just a catchphrase. With the real and present danger imposed by fire incidents, civil disturbances, terrorism, and other crises, the need for an emergency plan is important now more than ever. Therefore, more and

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Locks Are Not Impeding Your Evacuation Route

Locks are meant to keep valuable items safe, but sometimes they may be what are putting your tenants in danger and making your evacuation plan ineffective. Make sure that your locks and security are set up not only to keep criminals out but also to allow those in your building to exit during an emergency

Surviving a Cyclone When the Threat is far from Over

Cyclone turned tropical storm Debbie continues to wreak havoc across the region and left affected areas with millions of dollars’ worth of damages to properties. The storm is slowing down, but the threat is far from over. Complacency is not an option. You should still be on your feet and ready to face the worst impact

Basic High-Rise Fire Safety

Though tall buildings are required to have high-rise fire safety rated areas this doesn’t mean that your occupants will be safe in an emergency.

A fire in a building is probably one of the more serious emergencies anyone could ever be involved in. Because of the structural design, it becomes tough for the occupants to get

Putting the Choice Back Into the Hands of Consumers

For nearly 30 years, fire and evacuation training companies have heralded their claim to provide 100% compliance with an Australian Standard, and more recently a legislative requirement. Their way was the only way. We know, given that it is constantly drilled into us, that mitigating the risk from emergencies is critical to business success. In

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