EvacServices recognises the crucial role of building owners, their managers and tenants in ensuring that facilities and workplaces are emergency ready and compliant with AS3745 and all applicable standards, legislation and regulations. Considering the gravity of their responsibilities, building owners, their managers and tenants need an emergency management provider who will give them peace of mind in their emergency planning efforts. A provider who will make their work easier, so they can focus on maintaining a safe workplace for the occupants in their care.

In line with this, EvacServices recently launched the brand promise: “Just Easier”. Ensuring compliance can be a daunting task, but with EvacServices and our strong customer focus, we make the work of building owners and their managers, as well as the tenants easier. We aim to give clients more time to spend on other core activities without the need to worry about their emergency services provider’s ability to deliver.

Operating for more than nine years with many ongoing contracts with significant companies, we have always focused on providing emergency planning programs that meet specific facility needs. This new brand promise ultimately cements our strong commitment to the safety of our clients.

How do we make your work “JUST EASIER”?

We deliver a unique approach, give confidence in our outcomes, and focus on empowering our end-users.

  • Our unique approach

Instead of providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we work in with our client’s needs and provide flexible services that meet specific requirements. This means we work with clients closely from site survey to helping them establish an Emergency Control Organisation, an Emergency Plan as well as evacuation exercise with brief and debrief, and warden training.

To further make it easier for our clients, we developed EvacConnect, our online compliance management and online training system. It has been designed to provide an easy, user-friendly platform to manage warden lists and to allow staff to undertake their compliance training online. This is a handy tool for building owners and their managers as well as tenants as it provides a centralised view of content, services, applications, interfaces and tools for dealing with an emergency.


  • Confidence in the outcomes

A major aspect of making our clients’ jobs easier is giving assurance that we will deliver the outcomes we promise.  To ensure consistency in delivery, all work done for our clients is undertaken by qualified and experienced staff. We have full-time resources to plan for and deliver on agreed outcomes and provide reports that satisfy client and end-user requirements. To ensure that communication is easy for clients, we assign a resource, who will serve as their single point of contact and support the implementation and ongoing management of their contract.

Brand Promise

EvacServices delivers consistent services to our clients. Hence, we do all we can to ensure one consultant will handle the same site on each occasion. We also gather client feedback regularly to provide solutions to concerns and further improve our services.

Our staff members act on all enquiries. Any complaints are effectively dealt with if there is a need they are escalated to the General Manager.


  • Empowering the users

At EvacServices, we place a premium on building a positive engagement with tenants to ensure their satisfaction. When we satisfy tenants’ needs, building owners and their managers will have fewer worries about the way we represent them to the people they service.

We make sure that tenants, wardens, and general occupants are duly notified of training sessions ahead of time. Through EvacConnect, clients have the option for a mix of online and face-to-face training delivery to improve participation and engagement. Online training, which is available for the warden team as well as individual tenants, allows staff to fit training around their schedule.

After successful completion of any training, they can easily download and print statements of participation via EvacConnect.

Brand Promise

Our job is to make your job easier

We are quiet achievers; we work in the background to exceed client expectations. We do our very best to deliver agreed outcomes, peace of mind and inspire confidence in our capability. All of which make our clients’ jobs “JUST EASIER”.

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