For nearly 30 years, fire and evacuation training companies have heralded their claim to provide 100% compliance with an Australian Standard, and more recently a legislative requirement. Their way was the only way. We know, given that it is constantly drilled into us, that mitigating the risk from emergencies is critical to business success. In today’s changing world, however, this is still achieved by setting one broad standard for all.


This raises an important point: surely the industry can achieve more for individual clients by matching the solution to the risk. The result would mean that a ‘one size fits all’ delivery model wouldn’t be the only choice, and buildings and tenants could receive a solution that is tailored to them, while still achieving 100% compliance – potentially at reduced costs.


The fire and evacuation industry has, until now, failed to innovate while the world moves past it. Why can’t innovation and change occur in an industry that has remained largely unchanged for 30 years? With tenants continuing to demand more from a building and its associated contractors, combined with today’s increased threats from civil disturbance, terrorism and the like, now is the time to review your emergency management program, and ensure that the services provided match the risk asset and the needs of the tenants.


Innovation does not automatically lead to increased costs. Let’s take warden training as an example. Traditional warden training is, by nature, compliance training – grey, beige and uninteresting. It’s best left for a time when you as an individual are ready for it, not when you are busy or at lunch, or at 4 pm on a Friday – the only time when the training company can fit you in.

Now consider a more innovative approach

In this example, a blended face-to-face and online training program. Emergency management training is initially delivered online at a time that suits the warden. Instead of being grey, beige and uninteresting, you now have the freedom to provide scenario-based training face-to-face, allowing real learnings from actual events to be put in place, with a different scenario each time. Now the already compliant wardens receive interesting, engaging and relevant training delivered to the emergency control organisation (ECO) in a team situation. Outcomes are far superior – more developed, and with better reporting. The ECO is now able to demonstrate capability and alignment to the building’s risk mitigation objectives.


EvacServices is leading the innovation charge by developing new technologies and services to meet the emerging needs of our clients. Get in touch with one of our emergency management experts to find out more about how we can help you.