Emergency Planning Compliance – Increasing Tenant Engagement on Workplace Safety

Ensuring emergency planning compliance requires teamwork, and everyone in the facility has a role to play in preparing their site for any emergency. While facility managers are ultimately responsible for the safety of their site, tenants and general occupants also have an obligation to ensure their tenancy’s compliance with workplace safety laws. However, getting all

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Updating Warden Lists is Now Easier with EvacConnect

Maintaining an up-to-date warden list can be arduous especially when you are a tenant with multiple floors to manage. Changes occur regularly within your tenancy, such as changes in locations, employees leaving, or new employees starting. Hence, it is crucial for you to collaborate with the building management to ensure that the warden list is

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Roles of the Emergency Planning Committee

In coming up with a well-designed emergency plan, the government mandates that every building or office institution must select a reliable group of people to be assigned to this task. This group essentially becomes the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) responsible for coming up not only with the plan but also emergency response procedures and forming

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Emergency Procedures: Roles of Tenants in Occupant Safety

Establishing emergency procedures is not just in the hands of facility managers. While building owners and managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of all occupants within the facility, tenants need to ensure that their workplace is compliant. Crucial to this process is their coordination with the facility manager to align the tenancy’s emergency procedures with those of the building.  


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Emergency Planning 101: Why Plan for Emergencies?

Do you and your occupants know what to do and where to go when emergencies strike? Are you confident that you will be able to keep the people in your care safe and sound in the darkest hours?

Emergencies happen anytime, anywhere and pose threats to the safety and security of individuals and businesses. With the

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Fire & Safety Training: How it Contributes to Occupant Safety

As a facility manager, these are some of the questions that keep you up at night: Will my building occupants be safe when emergencies strike? Is fire & safety training conducted by our emergency planning provider effective to ensure this?  

Emergency evacuation planning and fire & safety training are crucial components in ensuring occupant safety. In Australia, the government is keen on company compliance with safety and emergency guidelines.

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Emergency Response Training and Business ROI

Emergency response training and other relevant safety training are vital compliance components that help ensure the safety, health and well-being of your workforce. As a business, this is not just a legal requirement, but also an ethical obligation to uphold employees’ right to a safe workplace.

In most commercial buildings, it is written into lease agreements that employers/tenants like you need to nominate a staff member to

Emergency Planning Obligations FAQs

If you’re a building owner, manager or tenant, fulfilling your emergency planning obligations is crucial. It is key to protecting the safety and well-being of employees and occupants, as well as mitigating reputational and physical damages to your facility and the business in general. It is also important to note that emergency planning is a

Different Types of Facility Emergencies

Facility emergencies can vary in scale and severity. Ideally, your emergency plan should be designed to include procedures on how to manage potential emergencies relevant to your location, building design, etc. Familiarity with the different types of emergencies is, therefore, a must when preparing your plan.

In this article, we give an overview of five types

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Emergency Planning Fundamentals for Facility Managers

Each year, Australia faces natural disasters and other emergencies that could lead to fatalities and disruption to major industries. Hence, the government implements Australian Standard 3745 and other relevant legislation and regulations mandating emergency planning and preparedness across all sectors of society.

The responsibility of ensuring that a facility or building is prepared for emergencies ultimately

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