Is Your Business Prepared to Manage Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters, such as cyclones, can be fore-cast while other emergencies can happen without warning such as earthquakes fires, and floods. An emergency plan is the most effective process to follow to avoid injuries and loss of life in the event of any catastrophe.

As an example, Hurricane Harvey was just the beginning of a catastrophic

How to Keep a Safety-Focused Organisation

Australia is prone to many natural disasters It is best to prepare a plan and procedure and have a training regime in place  to keep your business and employees safe by turning your company into a safety-focused organisation
How to get your employees in a safety-focused organisation involved in preparation for a disaster?
The duty of the safety-focused

Australian Standards: Why You Must Comply

The Australian government takes the safety of workers very seriously, which is why there is a legislation mandating emergency preparedness across all sectors of society. For example, there are Fire Safety requirements, covered by various pieces of legislation, Regulation, Australian Standards, reference guides and codes applicable to various jurisdiction across Australia.

When it comes to emergencies,

The Key Duties of an Effective Fire Warden

A Fire Warden upholds safety and takes the lead in preventing the disastrous effects of fire on individuals and businesses. Promoting fire safety is crucial, and without ample preparation, many businesses would struggle to recover from mitigate the damages of a devastating fire. This is the reason why wardens are appointed to fully understand the

Emergency Procedure: Everything You Should Know

Prevention, as they say, is always better than the cure. This is just as applicable as having an emergency procedure, unpredictable as emergencies usually are. Although it is never actually possible to determine when a natural calamity or human-made disaster will occur, it is still worth taking on safety measures to mitigate the potential damage

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Evacuation Plan for Bush Fire Season

Bushfire season is upon us; an evacuation plan is necessary to reduce the risk to people and property when a natural disaster strikes. With 30 degree plus temperature in Brisbane along with higher and drier conditions down the entire eastern seaboard, we need to be prepared. Recently, Sydney was covered with smoke caused by some

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Improving Warden Participation and Updating Lists

Improving warden participation and updating list promote fire safety in your workplace. Regular review and assessment of your workplace’s existing safety measures and procedures involves improving warden participation. Warden is responsible for any significant changes that could compromise safety and take action to apply new measures which will prevent the fire from breaking out. Improving

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Facility Manager Strategies to Achieve Safety

A Facility Manager plays a key role to maintain and enhance compliance in life safety of the building and occupants from a wide range of possible emergencies. There is no room for error: as a facility manager, you must be vigilant in keeping the property and people safety by focusing on details and regular safety

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How to Build a Strong Emergency Management Program

Emergency management is something that involves a large number of people, so it’s imperative for everyone to gain an awareness of how emergencies are managed in their business. For example, where does emergency management sit in concerning your business’ priorities?

There are many reasons why an organisation should implement an emergency plan. Emergency Management should aim to

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Fire Warden Training Course: Promote Successful Evacuation in Industrial Sites

Fire warden training course is extremely beneficial to achieve a successful evacuation exercises in a high-risk area like Industrial sites especially within the context of an emergency situation. Examples of such a site include warehouses, workshops, factories, offices, and others. What makes the risk more imminent in these places are the materials contained within that

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