Fire emergencies pose a rising threat to businesses. Sadly, not all employers are aware of their obligations to provide staff fire safety training. Some put fire safety on the back burner, only to regret it when things start to go up in smoke.

Here are some common misconceptions about staff fire safety training:

  1. We don’t need it.

Some companies tend to put emergency planning low on their priority list because they believe it’s not a business impacting exercise. However, what most fail to see is that fire or any other emergency affects the most important assets a company can have – PEOPLE. People’s safety should always be a top priority. Staff fire safety training on evacuation procedures and fire prevention will greatly reduce casualties and save lives.

Staff fire safety training

  1. Fire safety training is good to have but not really a requirement.

Based on Australian Standards and Regulations, there are specific training requirements for occupants, Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and Emergency Control Organisation (ECO).


All occupants MUST receive training to inform them about emergency response procedures and first attack firefighting. Training on emergency response procedures must be done annually, while staff fire safety training for first attack firefighting must be done every two years.


At least one member of the EPC must receive appropriate training.


All members of the ECO are required to complete the training at intervals not greater than six months. The Chief Warden, considering how important the role is, is required to complete additional training specific to their responsibilities.


  1. Any training material related to fire safety can be used.

The training materials are determined by the site’s emergency plan. This means that these materials must be specific to the facility or site.


  1. Anyone who is knowledgeable about fire safety can conduct the training.

In some states, only qualified Fire Safety Advisors are authorised to provide training.


  1. Face-to-face training is the only option.

Training can also be conducted online. Applications like EvacConnect provides online training, so staff can complete online warden, as well as fire and evacuation training no matter where they are, anytime.

Staff fire safety training

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