Through internet technology, your staff and wardens can now complete online fire safety training in the comforts of your office or their homes. As a building owner, you have the legal responsibility of ensuring that they have completed training on fire emergency response within a set time frame. Gone are the days when training requires travelling or taking time away from office work.

online fire safety training

Why should you invest in online fire safety training?

  1. Cost savings

Traditional face-to-face training can be costly. Whether training will be conducted onsite or offsite, travel fees and venue resources still take a huge chunk off your training budget. By taking courses online, there’s no need to spend resources on travel or venues. A computer with internet connection is all the material you’ll need to get it up and running.

  1. Time savings

With traditional face-to-face interaction, training hours are mostly fixed, regardless of participants’ learning pace. With online training, the session is only as long as the learner needs to absorb or understand the course.

  1. Certificate in an instant

Upon completing the session, employees and tenants can easily print their certificates unlike in face-to-face training where certificate production usually takes a few days.


  1. Freedom to start as soon as employees are available

Face-to-face training usually has a required number of participants to maximise venue resources and time. With online fire safety training, tenants and staff need not wait for anybody to kick off the session. They can start as soon as their workload permits.

online fire safety training

  1. Self-paced learning with online fire safety training

Employees can learn and progress according to their own pace. They can pause the session and resume when they are ready to continue. Online fire safety training allows your staff to fit training around their schedule. They can learn at their own speed, without the need to compete with other colleagues.

Are you interested in going for online fire safety training? With EvacConnect, your staff and tenants can take online warden training and fire & evacuation training anytime, anywhere.




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