Timely dissemination of information can save lives and properties during a calamity. An emergency plan will be futile if it is not properly communicated to relevant parties. Hence, you need to have emergency committees in place to guarantee smooth flow of information and instructions.

During calamities, members of the Emergency Committees play significant roles in ensuring fluid communication within the organisation. What are these roles?

Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

The EPC formulates the emergency plan that includes appropriate communication channels to be used before, during, and after an emergency.

Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)

The ECO develops and implements evacuation procedures in a facility. The Chief Warden assists in emergency evacuation in the event of emergencies, and the Deputy Chief Warden works hand in hand with him until the arrival of emergency response services. The Deputy Chief also assesses the type of urgency of the emergency and advises the Communication Officer about it.

Communication Officer

The Communication Officer must coordinate closely with the Chief Warden. Once the emergency is identified, he assesses the nature of the emergency, and then informs the emergency services of the situation on-site.

Apart from the Chief Warden, he must also work closely with Area Wardens and occupants. He makes sure that every detail is covered in the emergency response logs and records. The emergency services will use this report to safely bring an end to the situation. These records must be secured and kept for future references.

The Communication Officer also has pre-emergency responsibilities, such as:

  • Ensuring competency of the ECO in using communication equipment
  • Ensuring that emergency contact details are updated
  • Managing emergency response logs and records, in coordination with the Chief Warden
  • Attending training, emergency evacuation exercises, and assessment

Do you have these emergency committees in your organisation? How has proper and timely communication helped you during recent cyclones? Let us know in the message box below!


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