Fire emergencies don’t discriminate. It can occur in any type and size of business, without any regard to whether your workplace is a hospital, a construction site, a mall, or an office. A business without a fire evacuation procedure is like a ticking time bomb – All it takes is just one spark to put your operations to a screeching halt.

Here’s a grim picture of what could happen if you don’t create a Fire evacuation procedure as soon as possible.

Damages to business structures

Millions of dollars are lost due to fire emergencies each year. Depending on your business, it could take months or even years to rebuild a facility back to its 100% working condition. The damages could go beyond the physical and structural concerns. You could also lose files and data, machinery, equipment, and products, and all these equate to monetary value. If you don’t have good insurance or a backup plan, you might end up rebuilding operations from scratch or worst shut down the business entirely.

Damages to your reputationFire evacuation procedure

The damages go further beyond the tangible aspects of your business. Your business could end up making the rounds on the evening news, newspapers, and social media. Negative reputation could significantly slow down your recovery process, and cut your access to new clients and resources your business needs to move forward.

Vulnerability to market changes

The economy is already challenging as it is now that your business is not facing a crisis. With the instability and financial loss caused by fire emergencies, your business would not have enough elbow room to remain agile in a dynamic market.


As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of your employees while they are within the confines of the workplace. You could have saved them or at least given them a fighting chance at life if you took the necessary steps to meet your compliance obligations. A fire evacuation procedure could have saved the lives of the people you were meant to protect.

As a business owner, you have two main priorities – to look after the growth of your business and the occupational health and safety of your people. Are you doing enough to ensure the safety and protection of your employees?

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