If general occupants are properly trained on actions to do in emergency evacuations, they stand a greater chance of safely exiting the facility unscathed. But emergencies can, unfortunately, bring out the worst in people. When panic, confusion, and chaos ensue, people are prone to making wrong decisions and endangering themselves even further during a crisis.

Here are actions to do in emergency evacuations to ensure your safety and survival:

  1. When you hear the evacuation tone, evacuate IMMEDIATELY.

The evacuation tone, “WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP”, is a signal that an emergency which requires immediate evacuation has occurred in your facility. Drop whatever it is you’re doing, and focus on evacuating via an emergency exit.

  1. One of the most important actions to do in emergency evacuations is to follow any direction from the Warden team.

The Warden team is in charge of implementing and overseeing the evacuation. They completed the necessary training to know what to do in the face of emergencies. They are the best people to help you in this situation. Just keep calm and follow their instructions.

  1. Assist visitors and mobility impaired persons as necessary.

As a general occupant, one of the first actions to do in emergency evacuations is to help others. Hence, it is important to attend training sessions on emergency planning, so you’ll know how best to assist visitors and people with disabilities during such a situation.

  1. Do not use lifts.

During the evacuation, use the stairs, not the lift!

  1. Pay close attention to all announcements.

Panic can block your focus, but in the face of an emergency, you must pay attention to announcements of the Warden team. It is a must to follow any direction they will give you.

  1. Once you have safely exited the facility, proceed to the designated assembly area.

The assembly area should be your only destination right after an evacuation, not your home or a coffee shop. Remain there until the Warden team, and emergency services declare that it is all clear.

Emergencies are highly stressful situations, but with proper training on actions to do in emergency evacuations, it doesn’t have to be. EvacServices can help you train your tenants and general occupants for the unexpected to ensure their safety and protection during emergencies.

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