A well-established emergency procedure is one of the foundations of a safe work environment. Way beyond ensuring your site’s compliance with emergency planning legislation and standards, it’s also an effective means to uphold the safety and protection of tenants and personnel in your care. A work environment that develops a plan to fulfil its occupational security and health responsibilities is on the right track towards a positive safety culture.

How does an effective emergency procedure contribute to your safety culture?

  • It creates a precise definition of the desired safety culture the workplace wants to meet.

Management meet and develop an emergency procedure on what the workplace need towards healthy safety culture. It includes a precise definition of what they desire to make sure that departmental plan is on track.

  • It leads development opportunities to recognise and resolve problems before they occur.

Proactively find risk factors and put control measures in place before they become costly problems and serious injuries down the road.

  • It serves a fair and just discipline system for all employees.

Ensure that all employees adhere to your safety culture policy. Unacceptable action towards safety should be dealt with a fair and just discipline system to drive the message forward.

  • It guides management to respond positively to safety issues.

Team effort plays a significant role in the process of safety planning. Employees should be able to comfortably report to management their tangible results and feedback. Management should respond and escalate the safety issue far enough to get a solution.

  • It helps deal with safety issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Identify hazards and injuries within a reasonable time. Knowing injury risks and not doing anything about them is a sign of a weakening culture.

  • It serves as a record when major changes are necessary.

Emergency Procedure


Management may need to make significant changes to safeguard the business. Major moves are backed up with the willpower to endure changes, proper emergency procedure, and hard decisions.

Management should be responsible for providing an emergency procedure for employees to follow. To create a good safety culture that exhibits accountability, document employees’ obligations and explains issues and requirements concerning safety and health responsibilities. Having an emergency procedure in place will greatly lessen uncertainty and misinterpretation that hinder safety culture. It is the best investment that you can have for your organisation.


Are you ready to develop your emergency procedure? We can help you get started by coming up with a plan that fits your needs. Complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you to share ideas on how we can raise your organisation’s safety culture through a well-established Emergency Procedure.



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