Safety Culture – What is it? According to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, safety culture is an organisational culture that puts premium importance on safety beliefs, perceptions, values, and attitudes shared by people within the company. Simply put, it is “the way we do things here”.

If one of your goals this year is to establish or strengthen your organisation’s safety culture, emergency planning is one of the most important things that needs your focus.

Emergency planning starts by creating a culture of security and responsibility in your environment. You know you’re getting there when all your employees are involved and understand that shortcuts and poor emergency planning are unsatisfactory. Safety is not just about their words, but also about their actions.

Emergency Planning

Here are tips to get you started on Emergency Planning that upholds safety culture.

  • Commitment

Involvement of employees in outlining of policies, goals and emergency planning is one of the first things that you need to secure. When establishing objectives of safety responsibilities in the organisation, everyone should be in the same boat.

  • Invest in safety Emergency planning

Safety is not a cost but an investment for your business. You must choose an emergency provider who will bring you options that will establish a proper emergency plan for your facility and training for your employees.

  • Training and Information

Provide staff training that will hold them accountable for being involved in your emergency planning. Educate them the importance of safe work practices and unsafe work practices are unacceptable.

  • Investigation System

Build systematic investigation in all accidents and near misses, and examine the cause of accidents and incidents.

  • Blame-free Workplace

Building trust will help everyone work together to see improvements when things start to change. Encourage them to share ideas and suggestions.

energency planning

  • Celebrate Success

Make every effort public to keep them motivated and updated throughout the process.

Disasters can happen at any time, and your only way to mitigate against damages caused by natural calamities is by focusing on safety.


Do you have a safety-minded organisation? We can help you get started by coming up with an emergency plan that fits your needs.

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