Recent emergencies and natural disasters all over the world highlight the critical role of an emergency plan in mitigating damages from natural disasters. Compliance with strict safety and work safety regulations has saved countless of lives and properties from further destruction and distress, proving the need for disaster preparedness.


Is an emergency plan one of your priorities this year?

If not, here are some reasons to get started or enhance your emergency planning efforts.

  1. Improve disaster preparedness. Emergency Plan

Natural disasters don’t choose a time or date – They can occur anywhere, anytime. Although we have little to no control over these calamities, we have the power to come up with ways to reduce their impact. Having an emergency plan is one effective way to reduce risks and improve safety and protection of people and facilities. All occupants in your facility must have adequate training, so they know what to do, how to stay calm, and where to run for safety when emergencies arise.


  1. Meet your compliance obligations

Australia has established strict standards and regulations that govern planning for an emergency, with varying requirements for each state. These outline the pivotal roles of building owners, facility managers, and occupants to ensure a compliant emergency planning framework:

Are you 100 percent compliant with these regulations and standards? Complete this free questionnaire to identify your compliance gaps.


  1. Ensure safety of all occupants.

Emergency PlanThe safety of everyone in the facility should be your foremost priority as a facility manager or building owner. We have proven time and time again that a well-developed and implemented Emergency Plan can save lives. Apart from it being a compliance requirement, it is the most efficient way to ensure a safe workplace for every tenant in your care.

We live in unpredictable times. It’s business, as usual, one minute, the next we’re facing a cyclone of magnitude proportions. If you want to provide a safe workplace to all occupants in your facility, you cannot drop the ball on emergency planning.



Do you need help in developing an emergency plan that suits your business and infrastructures? We at EvacServices are here to give you confidence and peace of mind in your emergency planning efforts. Complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you shortly to discuss how we can help!



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