As a facility manager, you are tasked to provide patients with excellent delivery of healthcare, in addition to your excellent facilities and competent workforce. The reason your patients choose you as their provider is not only because you give them cure for their health conditions, but they also believe that your facility is the safest place to entrust their lives at any given time. Therefore, you must ensure you have all the necessary healthcare facility evacuation plan requirements to protect their lives in case of an emergency.

The items below are essential for designing an effective evacuation plan for your healthcare facility. Do you have all of them?

Healthcare Facility Evacuation Plan

Are you prepared when disasters strike? Training will prepare your patients and staff on what to do during an emergency. It is also important to train your employees in using evacuation devices to rescue patients and other healthcare personnel.

healthcare facility evacuation plan

Evacuation Routes

Are you sure that your staff and patients know where to go and how to vacate the building? They should follow evacuation routes, especially when evacuating patients with disabilities and special needs.



healthcare facility evacuation plan
Assembly Area

Your assembly area is a place of safety, and your emergency directions and exits must lead your patients and staff to that space as fast as possible. Patients and healthcare team assemble to take care of urgent problems and to gather further instructions from Fire and Safety Personnel.



Evacuation Diagrams

Do you have appropriate evacuation diagrams? Evacuation diagrams of your healthcare facility evacuation plan must include all the fundamental requirements and are developed in line with Australian Standard 3745-2010. For this, you should choose an expert emergency provider, who will develop appropriate diagrams suited to your healthcare facility.

healthcare facility evacuation plan

Your patients and workers must clearly understand the step by step healthcare facility evacuation plan on how to move out of the hospital in an orderly and safe manner during an emergency, and assemble at a safe place for a roll call.

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