Update my Wardens

If you are a client of EvacServices, or a tenant within a building that is managed by EvacServices, you have complimentary access to manage and update warden lists online using EvacConnect. This service allows you to keep your warden lists up to date and report on the compliance status of your wardens.

How do the Warden Lists on EvacConnect Work?

Each site is nominated a Facility Responsible Person (FRP), and a Tenant Responsible Person (TRP) for each tenancy within the building. The FRP is responsible for ensuring the building as a whole has appropriate warden coverage, and the individual TRPs are responsible for ensuring the wardens in their areas are appropriate.

If you would like to nominate to be a warden, update your details or resign as a warden, contact your tenancy’s TRP and they will update the list accordingly.

If you are the FRP or TRP for your site and do not have access to EvacConnect, complete one of the following forms and we will set you up.