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Our Services

Emergency Planning
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Business Continuity and Risk

Business Continuity and Risk

Our FSAs (Fire Safety Advisors) are experts in their field, providing site specific emergency planning advice to individual properties and tenancies. Ask us about our Annual Compliance Programs, where our FSAs work with you on an ongoing basis to achieve your individual objectives and ensure your building(s) achieve and maintain compliance.


Risk Services

These services are designed to provide a means to strengthen and structurally improve the way your organisation operates, creating a robust and resilient business that is able to cope with events that would otherwise cripple or significantly damage the business.

EvacServices have specialist risk consultants from a range of highly technical backgrounds, who are trained to identify, plan for and minimise crisis, safety and security risks within your organisation.

A sound business recovery plan is crucial to help prevent a minor disruption from turning into a catastrophe, and ultimately get the business operating again as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Is Your Site Exposed to Specific Risks On a Permanent or Temporary Basis?

Our specialist risk consultants have years of experience planning for a range of sites exposed to different conditions. To see examples, have a look at our case studies.

  Next to a river that is prone to flooding?

In close proximity to  construction works?

In close proximity risk to bushfires?

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