Facilities Management World: A Tragic Wake-up Call

With 79 residents presumed dead and over 70 injured, the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy is one of the most alarming wake-up calls for the facilities management world. It has catapulted high-rise fire safety issues to the fore, particularly the need to review and reform building industry standards. Across the globe, governments and authorities are now

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The Roles of Facility Managers in High-Rise Fire Prevention

High-rise fire prevention has been the centre of attention since the Grenfell Tower fire in West London. The incident has put more focus on facility and building managers’ accountability in promoting fire safety and in ensuring that buildings and the people in them are prepared when disasters strike.
Facility managers and Building managers as guardians of

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Workplace Safety Initiatives

Workplace safety initiatives are a must now more than ever. With the Australian economy’s annual loss reaching $60 billion due to work-related injuries and diseases, and a record of 3532 deaths in the workplace since 2013, companies must start investing heavily in upholding employee safety and protection.
Invest in workplace safety initiatives

Improving workers’ safety mindedness brings

Fire Evacuation Procedure: What the London Fire Taught Us

The entire world watched in shock as Grenfell Tower in West London stood burning overnight on June 14, 2017. But the sight of the burning 24-storey apartment building tells an even darker story than the ashes it left behind. The “inferno tower” is now facing serious scrutiny about its construction and fire evacuation procedure, as

Six Actions to Do in Emergency Evacuations

If general occupants are properly trained on actions to do in emergency evacuations, they stand a greater chance of safely exiting the facility unscathed. But emergencies can, unfortunately, bring out the worst in people. When panic, confusion, and chaos ensue, people are prone to making wrong decisions and endangering themselves even further during a crisis.

Business Fire Evacuation Plan: What It Says About Your Company Culture

A business fire evacuation plan is more than just an exit strategy during a fire emergency. It gives you a glimpse of how a company cares for the welfare of employees and how they cultivate safety mindedness within the organisation. Without a fire evacuation plan, businesses will not just suffer the backlash of property and

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Three Factors that Lead to Successful Fire Evacuations

Fire evacuations don’t always end in the safe egress of people from a burning facility. Unfortunately, many things could still go wrong even with the most airtight emergency plan and strict safety regulations. Hence facility managers must know these three factors that affect the success of fire evacuations.

Compliance with standards and regulations relating to

Importance of Facility Managers in Upholding Workplace Safety

Facility managers play a pivotal role in business operations. As industries experience significant changes and improvements, the responsibilities of facility managers extend far beyond managing people and utilities. They are also strategic partners in ensuring business continuity, disaster recovery, and workplace safety.
Facility managers’ role in meeting compliance obligations
One of the most important tasks of facility

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Office hazards checklist: Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Natural disasters and fire incidents are not the only events that could lead to an emergency. Without you noticing, there are potential hazards around your facility that present risks to the health and safety of your tenants. This article gives you tips on creating an office hazards checklist and identifying ways to eliminate these risks.

Five Advantages of Online Fire Safety Training

Through internet technology, your staff and wardens can now complete online fire safety training in the comforts of your office or their homes. As a building owner, you have the legal responsibility of ensuring that they have completed training on fire emergency response within a set time frame. Gone are the days when training requires

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